2 agosto 2010

la voce di Gabrielle Drake

Ho trovato questo bel post dal blog di camdem che offre un link ad un file mp3 contenente una registrazione della voce di Gabrielle che legge una lettera aperta al fratello Nick in occasione dell'uscita di un album postumo del grande cantante poeta inglese. 
Affinché non andasse perduto ho salvato il file su altro server ed è disponbile anche qui sotto sul player.
oppure qui:  http://podcast.timesonline.co.uk/serve.php/1125/sounds-gabrielledrake.mp3 finché resterà disponibile.

Grazie a camdem per la segnalazione dal suo blog http://lilactime.splinder.com/post/12964721 .

Gabrielle canta col fratello Nick

In questa rara registrazione Gabrielle canta col fratello Nick:

questo secondo video è molto bello, anche per le foto inedite di Gabrielle...

1 agosto 2010

Gabrielle cantante

In questo particolare video clip la voce di Gabrielle cantante:
Here is "Female of the Species" from the ill-fated Andrew Lloyd Webber & Alan Ackbourn musical Jeeves. The show opened on the 22nd April 1975 and closed on the 24th May 1975 after only 38 performances. This track is taken from my copy of the original London cast LP.

The vocalist is Gabrielle Drake who played Lt Gay Ellis in Gerry Anderson's 1970's si-fi series UFO

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Alan Ayckbourn

By some quirk of our genetics
Girls mature more quickly
Which spelt out in plain phonetics
Means that she must wait
'Til the boy she fancies
Starts to see her as a woman

When a girl finds a lover
If you should cross her then you'll soon discover
She can be far deadlier than the male
Don't misread her external
Don't ever tangle with the great maternal
She can be far deadlier than the male

Oh, she's a tender thing
A slight and slender thing
A bowl of peaches and cream
But lurking deep inside
She'll threaten homicide
Defending her dream

Six foot men often wonder
How on this earth they finished six feet under
Thanks to one far deadlier than the male
Though her smile may excite you
Her tongue can tear you and her teeth can bite you
They can be far deadlier than the male's

Avoid provoking her
Far safer stroking her
That's what she really prefers
For just remember that
Like any alley cat
She'll kill for what's hers

Bring her gifts to surprise her
But God help you if you patronise her
She'll become far deadlier than the male
Any man who betrays her
He's safer playing with an open razor
Than with one far deadlier than the male
She can be far deadlier than the male